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Behind the 5-Star Review

Behind the 5-Star Review

Our team always celebrates when we get a 5-star review. We also get curious: who is the person who took the time to share their Colugo experience? So, we decided to reach out and highlight some of our 5-Star Reviewers.

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Mariah’s 5-Star Review of the Compact:

"Fashion & function ❤️🔥 My toddler is only 16 months but has been using her compact for 11 months. She has grown with it and still finds it as comfy as ever. Finally, a brand that understands comfort while looking stylish!"

Q & A with Mariah

Name: Mariah Lynch 

City: Nashville, TN

Instagram @mariahklynch

What is your favorite thing about the Compact and why? My favorite thing about the compact stroller is the user accessibility. Traveling with a baby or toddler is hard enough already, you don’t need the added pressure of a heavy stroller that’s hard to navigate. With the one-hand fold and over-the-shoulder strap, it makes your on-the-go trips so much easier. The amazing print designs are just an added bonus! 

How did you find out about Colugo? As an avid lover of all things Leopard, I was searching for fun prints for baby items and I came across the greatest thing I had ever seen! My first product was the on-the-go organizer in wild child and I was hooked! 

What is your #1 parenting tip? For me, the number one tip that I could give to any new parents, or even seasoned parents who are feeling a little burnt out, is just to take everything as it comes. As long as your child is safe, fed, and loved, you’re doing a great job 🥳 Parenting is a journey, not a destination!

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