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Colugo: Love Notes to Parenthood

Love Notes to Parenthood

This winter has been rough with endlessly sick kiddos and endless to-do lists. As parents ourselves, we’re right there with you. 

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted an antidote to the stress, so inspired by this Rob Delaney quote, we’ve been thinking about the unexpected joy and wonder of parenthood – laughing so hard we cry, the snuggles, and the cute moments we rush to write down so we don’t forget them.

We asked Team Colugo and our community to share with us some stories of when parenting was so much better than you could have imagined…

“The lack of sleep is something everyone warns you about. And, it’s very real. But also: there are unexpected joys. For example: my toddler is a chronically early riser and we often snuggle in bed a bit to try to get some extra rest. Lately, when she’s over it and ready to get up, she puts her face right up against mine and shouts: “HI HI HI HI HI!” It makes me laugh every time and is an excellent way to start the day (along with a strong cup of coffee).” - Christy M, Colugo's Co-Founder & mom to 4!

“They say when you have more kids you don't split your heart you just grow another. This certainly feels true as my hearts now live outside of my body in the form of a little girl and a little boy. But no one can prepare you for when those hearts start to bond and suddenly watching them play and interact make all the sleepless nights, tantrums, hair loss, etc. worth it.” - Elizabeth C 

Elizabeth with her kiddos and the Colugo Baby Carrier & Carrier Mac

I am a big hockey fan, and was both excited and nervous to bring my two young kids to their first hockey game. Would they like it? How would it go? Would we have to leave after 10 minutes? Much to my delight, they were as enthralled with the game as I was. And we all got to jump up together when the Devils scored!” - Mike P., Dad of 2

“Oh, new mama! Amidst the sleepless nights there is so much sweetness. Little smiles and coos, a tiny hand around your finger, their baby breath on your cheek… pure magic.” - Czarina J.

"For me the unexpected delight was how early on her sense of humor emerged. Her first belly laughs but also the faces she would make (/still makes) to try and make us laugh." - Alex M.

“In the midst of the chaos of being a FTM with a newborn, the moment of putting my baby in the Baby Carrier for the first time and having their warm little body pressed against my chest and smelling that delicious newborn smell. Sticks out in my memories as that moment I always dreamed being a mother would be like.” - April A. 

Have a story you want to share with us? Send us a DM at @hicolugo. We’d love to hear from you.

Sending love and support your way!

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