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Today We Tried with Cameron Rogers

Today We Tried with Cameron Rogers

This week on our parenting podcast Today We Tried, Christy is joined by Cameron Rodgers, who shares all things motherhood and mental health with her community as an influencer and podcast host. Christy and Cameron were pregnant at the same time – Christy with her 4th baby and Cameron with her 1st – and Christy followed along as Cameron shared honestly about the wild symptoms and ups and downs of pregnancy. Then, when they were both going through the 4th trimester together, Cameron continued to be vulnerable and real with her community about the ups and downs of the 4th trimester. 

Christy was so excited to talk with Cameron as she embodies what we’re hoping to do with this season to the podcast: to create space for real conversations about the 4th trimester that help parents to feel less alone and more supported.

In their conversation, Cameron shares the good and the bad of it being part of her job to share her life with her community and how it meant that she didn’t really take a maternity leave. She also discusses her mental health journey postpartum, including why weaning was critical to her mental health, why her depression hit 3-4 months into parenthood, and the power of focusing on one small win a day when you’re working to find happiness in your life. 

Christy and Cameron also chat about what surprised them most about the 4th trimester and the late-night impulse buys that helped them to survive the “fever dream” of those early days of new parenthood, including this miracle baby shusher and Frida Mom products.

Programming note: Christy and Cameron share their real-time reactions to the Ulvade shooting at the beginning of this episode.

Listen to this week’s episode here and share your thoughts with Christy by emailing her at

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