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Today We Tried with Empower Your Pelvis

Today We Tried with Empower Your Pelvis

This week’s episode of our podcast Today We Tried is all about the pelvic floor! Christy is joined by two experts, Dr. Morgan Clark and Dr. Amanda Fisher of Empower Your Pelvis and they hold nothing back. Morgan and Amanda are so good at explaining the basics of your pelvic floor and will answer the questions you didn’t know you had or maybe were too embarrassed to ask.

We first heard their interview with Christy in Episode 3 of this season where Christy shared her own postpartum healing journey and her own experience with pelvic floor PT. Now, we’re sharing her full chat with Morgan and Amanda. 

We cover everything from why pelvic floor strength is so important for everything from sex to posture to babywearing. And, Morgan and Amanda explain how to get started and why kegal are not always helpful (and in fact, they might hurt!). We also talk about how to find a pelvic floor physical therapist, C-section recovery, and why it’s important to build back strength slowly so you can fully recover. 

We can guarantee that you’ll leave this episode knowing more about your pelvic floor and feel ready to take action to regain strength. We now that everyone jokes about moms peeing themselves a little bit after they give birth, but it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Listen to the episode here and share your thoughts with Christy by emailing her at

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