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Today We Tried with Lauren Marek and Carra Sykes

Today We Tried with Lauren Marek and Carra Sykes

We’re back with new episodes of Today We Tried, our podcast for parents hosted by Christy, Colugo’s co-founder and mom of 4. 

This season is all about the 4th trimester, the first 12 weeks after a baby is born, and Christy started by sharing her own 4th trimester story with her youngest. Now, she’s in conversation with parents who sharing their stories and experts who weigh in with helpful advice. We’re creating for more real conversations about 4th trimester to help parents feel more connected and confident. The key takeaways so far? You’re not alone, you’re doing so much better than you think, and asking for help is so important and so necessary!

This week, Christy is chatting with Lauren Marek and Carra Sykes. It’s the first time Christy’s interviewed a couple and their conversation really highlights how important it is to find the right person or people to support you in the 4th trimester. 

Lauren and Carra are both creatives (listen to the episode to hear them introduce each other!). They share how they met (it involved flikr!), how they decided that Lauren would carry their pregnancy, and their birth story. Carra also shares what it’s been like to see Lauren become more emotional (which was always Carra’s role) and how she’s grown more confident in parenthood. Lauren talks about how she’s channeled her creativity in new ways since becoming a mom. They both have great advice about navigating the early newborn days.

There are truly so many gems in this episode! We can’t wait to hear what you think and thank you to Lauren and Carra for joining us.

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