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In Conversation with Justin and Chris of Two Dapper Dads

In Conversation with Justin and Chris of Two Dapper Dads

Love The Two Dapper Dads Compact (we do too!) and want to learn more about the gentlemen behind the design? Read on for Chris and Justin’s favorite features of the Compact, their love for small adventures, and how they are adjusting to having three little ones.


What are your favorite features of the Compact?

The ease of folding and unfolding! 

We have three kids, so even in an SUV every nook and cranny counts when taking the entire squad out of the house. We would not be able to fit two full-size strollers. The Compact is a lifesaver because it takes less room than one of our baby bags.

We really love the center brake. We are always struggling with the brake in our full-size stroller.

What adventures do you most look forward to this summer with your crew? 

We love all of the festivals in our city. Every weekend there are at least two we like to visit. Now, with the twins taking over Elijah’s full-size stroller, the Compact is the perfect way to minimize our footprint when going out. We already look like a circus with the caravan we travel with, but at least we are a stylish circus.

When you see The Two Dapper Dads Compact strolling down the street - what comes to mind? 

We love to stand out from the crowd, and the Compact is a great compliment due to its customization. We love the army green and navy blue combo!

Your journey to parenthood through surrogacy is so inspiring. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself at the beginning of that journey? 

Slow down, enjoy every minute - it all goes by so fast. With surrogacy, there is so much involved that it is easy to just go through the motions. Also, you want so badly for it all to work out that you are in your head a lot of the time. Now, as we are parenting we are realizing that we must slow down and live in the moment, because each moment flys by!

Life with a toddler + newborn twins must be quite a change. What small moments have you enjoyed the most? Are there any that took you by surprise? 

It’s a huge change, and one that you really cannot plan for. We have been so lucky. Our toddler loves his brother and sister. He is always trying to help us care for them, and he loves giving them top-of-the-head kisses. It’s been amazing to see. 

We are an outdoorsy family. During Spring-Fall we practically live outside. Our favorite moments as a family of 5 have been getting outside for family walks.

It’s been a really wild experience. Having three this young really puts life into perspective, it has taught us a ton. 

We’ve noticed that you’ve been able to get out and about with all three. Tell us your best tips for getting outside with your little ones!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about taking the whole crew out. However, we have learned that you just have to let go a little. If you forget a pacifier the world will not end. Pack the important items, and just go have fun. 

The first time we took all three kids out we went for a walk around our neighborhood. Next, we went and sat on a patio near our home, and before you know it, we have all three kids at the zoo for 5 hours. 

Don’t overthink, focus on experiences, and the rest will fall into place!



Thanks so much, Justin and Chris! Shop the Two Dapper Dads Compact here.

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