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Week of 5.16.2022

Week of 5.16.2022

Our hearts go out to all of the parents impacted by the formula shortage. As always our go-to formula expert Mallory Whitmore aka The Formula Mom has been sharing super helpful resources

And, as to the super unhelpful advice to “just breastfeed,” a reminder that breastfeeding isn’t an option for many parents for many reasons and it also isn’t free.

The Mama Attorney explains how we got here.

The next question: how can we help? Here are some ways to take action: 

Baby2Baby is raising is  working directly with its  wholesale partners to have lifesaving formula made for a fraction of the retail cost. Click here to donate.

If you have unexpired formula to give or you’re looking for formula, there are a number of different exchanges available, including Free Formula Exchange.

Sending love!

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