Dad's Sale ends June 18, use code DAD30 for $30 Off orders $150+

Father's Day Sale ends June 18, use promo code DAD30 for $30 Off on orders $150+

Week of 8/29

Week of 8/29

Random delight of the week: Lego Botanical Collection. Our kids gravitate toward Star Wars lego sets, but these are lovely. Maybe they will take the place of the “adult coloring books” that we bought but never use?

Listen to my episode of the Mother Honestly podcast on finding real flexibility and confidence at work. P.S.: Highly recommend signing up for the MH Newsletter - it’s on our essential reading list whenever it arrives in our inbox.

As a mom of twins, this article made me stop scrolling and read.

Feeling run down and caught in a cycle of saying “no” to your kids? We’ve been there. Try pretending to be a grandparent - just say yes and see where the afternoon takes you.

Our soundtrack this week - the definition of delightful.

Sending love! 

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