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In Conversation with Alexus Carol

In Conversation with Alexus Carol

Love The Alexus Carol Compact (we do to!) and want to learn more about the woman behind the design? Read on to hear Alexus Carol’s advice on how to feel more confident, her favorite features of the Compact, and how she finds balance in her busy life.

What are the top 3 reasons you’d recommend the Compact to another parent? 

It’s so functional and super travel friendly! I also love the style and how you can customize your stroller and make it even more fun! I love that it comes with a travel bag to protect the stroller, it’s easy to carry and the rain cover is amazing!

Tell us about the last time you used your Compact. 

I just went to a graduation and brought along both of my Compacts and both babies. It was so convenient to be able to fold one and fit it right under my chair at the graduation. 

What does The Alexus Compact represent?  

The Alexus Carol reminds me that motherhood can be fun and stylish! If I saw a mom out with a stroller like mine I’d definitely love to be mom friends! 

We love your style! How do you choose your outfits every day? 

A pair of sunnies always elevate an outfit! I also love my basics! A halter top with high waisted jeans and a pair of mules, or tone it down for an on-the-go mom look with some tennis shoes.  

You're a mom of 2 under 2 and we love how open you are about the ups and downs of motherhood! If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself on the day your daughter was born? 

  1. Be confident in every experience motherhood gives us! It’s all a learning experience for the better person you’ll become. 
  2. Get out the house! 
  3. Wear what you want and do as you please! 
  4. Just because you have had babies doesn’t mean you aren’t human anymore. You will make mistakes. 
  5. Don’t worry about what others think, this is your motherhood journey!

You're tandem nursing and sharing super helpful tips about your breastfeeding journey. What's been the biggest challenge you've overcome? 

Breastfeeding in general has been the hardest challenge I’ve overcome. It’s been a challenge trying to manage both, and make sure my youngest is getting enough milk while teaching my daughter to be patient as I nurse baby brother first. It’s hard when she doesn’t understand but we are working on it.

Tell us your best tips for getting outside with your little ones! We loved seeing you and your crew out and about. 

Plan ahead! Lay out the outfits and daughter bag the night before! Make sure nap time is secured before leaving or enjoy some quiet coffee or lunch during nap time in the car!  The experience of getting out the house will be so much easier! 

The confidence you exude is so inspiring! Were you always confident? What would you tell other women struggling with their confidence, especially after becoming a mom?  

I have always been confident. I planned both my children and have such a supportive family. I thankfully don’t have much to worry about other than being a SAHWM, but it can be tough. One place I feel insecure is trying to balance work and giving my babies enough time to enjoy their day. As far as physical appearance after childbirth, I try not to think too much about what my body looks like, but rather what it created and that always outweighs the marks! 

Thank you so much, Alexus Carol! Shop her Compact here.

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