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In Conversation with Lindsay Howie

In Conversation with Lindsay Howie

Love The Howie Compact (we do to!) and want to learn more about the woman behind the design? Read on to hear more about Lindsay Howie's favorite adventures with her 2-year-old Iggy, how she stays so positive and the inspo behind Chroma Cardio.

When you see The Howie Compact - what pops to mind? 

That vibrant pink and bright orangey red have always been one of my favorite color combos- so when I was designing this, it felt like it was meant to be! This bold color combo feels unconventional, and almost a little quirky.  It also makes me think of shades of lipstick, bringing me back to my Rockette days. I hope the Howie Compact sparks as much joy for you just as it does for me!

What are your favorite adventures to go on with Iggy and your Compact? 

Around Austin, Iggy and I love to adventure down to the park with our dog, Heidi. We also enjoy cruising the sights and shops down South Congress Avenue. Any trip we take, the Compact comes too! It’s the MVP at the airport. Next up, Disneyland! I can’t wait to take Iggy to the most magical place on earth with the most magical stroller!!!

How does the Compact make those adventures, big and small, easier? 

The Compact makes me feel like I’m nailing mom-life! It folds down and pops back up SO easily and quickly. When traveling, I love watching the faces of the security or flight attendants when they see how small and how fast it magically folds down and fits into tiny spaces! The other amazing thing is it’s super lightweight and very easy to handle. As parents, anything that simplifies life is a game-changer, and the Colugo Compact does just that!

Tell us a bit about Chroma Cardio. What inspired you to start it? 

Chroma Cardio comes from me combining my passion for fitness and color into not just a workout class, but an experience. Every week, I’ll center class around a particular color or palette. From putting my playlist together, to setting the mood and level of intensity in class, to finishing with our color meditation- each class is unique but always a great sweat! My mantra I love to say in class is chroma is color, color is life, and life is YOU!! So live it chromatically! 

Your posts are so vibrant and cheerful. What motivates you to exude that energy to others through your content? 

Oh my goodness, because I'm just a goober, tried and true! But seriously, why not put more positivity into the world? You can never get enough, plus you never know when someone out there needs it the most. 

Thank you so much, Lindsay! Shop her Compact here.

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