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Today We Tried Going Back to Work

Today We Tried Going Back to Work

This week on the podcast, we’re talking about going back to work after having a baby and why paid parental leave – which is crucially important – is only the beginning when it comes to supporting parents, and especially moms. 


In this episode, Christy, who drafted our policy, shares how her strong support of paid parental leave ran into the reality of trying to take leave while in a leadership position at a small start-up. While things didn’t go exactly as planned, her experience validated the importance of finding ways to support parents both during and after the 4th trimester. 


We also share our parental leave policy: 

  • 16 weeks paid leave from day 1 of full-time employment for all birthing and non-birthing parents.
  • 4 weeks of ramp-up time (working part-time for full-pay).


And, since parental leave is just the start, we also offer: 

  • Unlimited PTO, including paid time to care for family members. We want employees to take time away to recharge, celebrate, or cope with a personal loss or challenge without worrying about the # of days they can take.
  • Flexibility and empathy are core values. We trust each other and stand ready to step in when anyone needs some extra help.
  • Additional benefits, include free access to happyly, Mindful Mamas and New Kind
  • 1 of every Colugo product free + a discount on additional items.


Want to find ways to advocate for paid leave and other benefits to support parents at work? We recommend following Chamber of Mothers, MotherHonestly, Superkin, and Totum Women.

Listen to this week’s episode here or wherever you get your podcasts. Questions or feedback? Send them to Christy at

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