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Today We Tried Exploring Our Own Backyard

Today We Tried Exploring Our Own Backyard

By Raena Boston (@theworkingmomtras), in conversation with Emily Jachu

My family and I recently welcomed our third baby this past October. When my husband and I found out that we were expecting our third child, my mind immediately went to logistics. How can we create space in our home? How will we all fit in one car? But mainly, How the hell are we going to do this?

With each baby, I remembered that I had the same racing thoughts around logistics. When I’m confronted with the unknown, I find myself seeking to control something, and so logistics it is! Strollers, bedroom configurations, car seat research; all things within my control so I typically start there. 

Kids are cute and slightly chaotic. Adding one more to the mix always feels a bit daunting.  Where does one begin with the management of three unique little beings? Where are the how-to posts and accompanying reviews? There are none. The only solution is to create your own version of controlled chaos. You’ll experiment and receive varying results. Sometimes you’ll stumble onto something wonderful. 

Recently the universe gave our family one of those days that made it feel like we were up to the task of being a family of 5. Whilst scrolling Instagram, I saw an advertisement for a family-friendly art installation at a local park. Three local artists had the idea to have art-themed play events held in shipping containers.

Our whole family piled into our SUV and headed to Spacecraft. We had the most magical time. My older kids were in heaven creating with LEGOs, clay, and dancing to the live music. The baby napped in her stroller or nursed the entire time. My husband and I got the chance to observe our three little people create and be enveloped in the creativity and nature surrounding them. 

#todaywetried exploring in our own backyard as a family of five. It was full of wonder, surprise, and delight. The anxiety of taking all three kids out be damned.


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