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Today We Tried the Fourth Trimester: Episode 1

Today We Tried the Fourth Trimester: Episode 1

Our podcast is back!

How It Started

When Christy, Colugo’s co-founder and TWT host, and Zac, TWT’s producer, were brainstorming ideas for season 2 of our podcast, they knew they wanted to dig deeper to find new ways to connect.

At the time, Christy was very pregnant with baby #4 and preparing to navigate the 4th trimester, the 12 weeks after a baby is born. She said: “The 4th trimester is really when parents need confidence and connection most.”  And, she and Zac had a eureka moment. 

Christy would record her own 4th trimester in real-time, sharing her story to help parents feel more confident and connected. This season, we’re creating space for real, raw conversations about the 4th trimester, something that is seriously lacking in the parenting space.

Click here to watch Christy and Zac chatting more about Season 2.


Listen to Episode 1 Now


We’re starting at the beginning of Christy’s 4th trimester with her birth story. And, it’s quite a story! 

On the evening of her due date, Christy felt decreased fetal movement. Thinking she was probably overreacting but wanting to be sure, she called a Lyft to take her to the hospital (Ted, her husband, stayed at home with their 3 sleeping kids). 

Listen to the episode to find out what happened next.

TW: Includes details regarding labor and delivery and a postpartum hemorrhage. 


Join Us in Celebrating #todaywetried Moments!

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, we want you to celebrate the tiny victories, moments of joy, confidence boosts, and times you tried. Maybe you asked for help, saw your baby smile, or got outside.

We’d love to see your #todaywetried moments so we can cheer you on. Tag us or send them to Christy at

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