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Week of 2.7.22

Week of 2.7.22

News you can use from parents who get it

Hi, Christy here! We thought it’d be fun to loop you into what our team chats about when we’re not chatting about baby gear. We love to share recs, reads, and what’s bringing us joy. And, now that you’ve joined the group text, we’d love to hear from you, too - email me at

How to make doctors appointments with kiddos go more smoothly. (Also: bring a blanket if your baby has an appointment! The nurse will ask you to undress your baby to be weighed and measured and then it can be a while before the doctor arrives. Learned this one the hard way!) 

A simple but life-changing toddler sock hack

A promise of hot chocolate is a great way to convince a reluctant kiddo to go outside in the snow (anyone else have a 2-year-old who doesn’t like to get wet?). Milk + Hershey’s syrup is our go-to, but we’re tempted to step it up.

How to help kids to be intrinsically motivated.


Any other newly converted Bengals fans? We’ll be cheering them on this weekend and making these wings.

Sending love!

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