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Today We Tried with Bennett Kaspar-Williams

Today We Tried with Bennett Kaspar-Williams

We are so excited to be back with new episodes of our podcast Today We Tried

Season 2 of Today We Tried started with 5 episodes on Colugo co-founder Christy’s 4th trimester with her 4th baby. She held nothing back as she shared in-the-moment recordings and conversations with TWT producer Zac (truly nothing - you can listen for yourself here). Christy shared her birth story (which included her unexpectedly delivering her own baby at the hospital), her experience with postpartum anxiety and sleep deprivation, transitioning to a family of 6, healing her body, and getting back to work.

By sharing her own story first, Christy aimed to make space for honest conversations about the wild ups and downs of the 4th trimester. There is so much written about pregnancy and birth, but not nearly enough about what comes next. This season of Today We Tried is a place where it’s safe to talk about what’s not said about the 4th trimester and to create opportunities for connection and greater confidence through community.

Today’s episode starts our commitment to sharing a diverse set of perspectives on the 4th trimester through conversations with parents and experts. 

Our first guest is Bennett Kaspar-Williams, a non-binary, trans, seahorse dad to Hudson and activist. He and Christy clicked from their first conversation, and we couldn’t think of a better guest to kick off the next stage of Season 2.

The two cover a wide-range of topics in their conversation, starting with Bennett sharing the work he did to prepare for pregnancy post-transition. He explains how he was able to decouple pregnancy from gender, which helped him to avoid some of the body dysmorphia he may have experienced otherwise. Bennett also shares his birth story and why he turned out to be right to advocate for a c-section from the start (even if that wasn’t what ended up happening).

Bennett and Christy also talk about the “newborn fog,” the magic of finding time to sneak away for a time by yourself, even if it’s just to the drug store, and how their partners supported them in the 4th trimester. 

Perhaps most significantly, Bennett shares the moment that led him to seek help for his mental health during the 4th trimester. Christy and Bennett talk about creating a “mental health checklist” as part of your 4th-trimester preparations (just as important as registering for a stroller!) and why there is no shame in getting help.

We so appreciate Bennett coming on Today We Tried to share his story. And, guess what? There’s more: Bennett is also helping us to re-launch our Pride Compact! All proceeds from sales of our Pride Compact go to Family Equality, the leading national nonprofit organization advancing equality for LGBTQ+ families. Buy yours now and stay tuned for more on our partnership with Family Equality.

If you have any feedback or thoughts on this episode, please email Christy at

Listen this episode and subscribe to Today We Tried here!

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