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Today We Tried Weaning

Today We Tried Weaning

We are thrilled to connect with Takema Jame Carrion, a Florida-based SAHM + Mompreneur. Takema encourages moms in both baby and business areas of life. She opens up in a very honest way, sharing with us her #todaywetried moment of her and her daughter’s weaning journey. 

I’m going to miss these moments one day. 


I have to remind myself that there will be a day that I’m going to miss it. But then there are days when I’m ready for it to end. 


Thinking to myself, be present and enjoy the bonding because when it’s over...that’s it. Breastfeeding for the last 19 months has taken so much out of me, my body, my energy and my thoughts. And yet, my daughter wants to continue. 


She’s shown signs of weaning and I’ve encouraged her to do other things to replace breastfeeding. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. She can play with her stroller, have the funnest toy, be on the playground or wherever and somehow we end up back together again. 


#todaywetried continuing our weaning journey but it didn’t end today. It might not end this month. And that’s ok. She’s not ready and if I’m honest, I don’t know that I am 100% ready either. So I’m following her lead for now and we’ll try again. It will end on our terms, not when society decides it’s time for it to be over-this is our journey. 


I think about the end, dread it, and also tell myself I’m not a bad mom for wanting autonomy over my body again. You’re not a bad mom for feeling how you feel about your experience. You’re not wrong for being tired. 


Nothing can prepare you for the demands of motherhood. 

The internal struggles, the laughter, the beauty and the angst. 

Giving everything you are and still feeling like somehow you should be doing more. 


When one part of the parenthood journey ends, another begins. As parents we have to continuously find ourselves in the newness, the mistakes, the starts and the stops along the way. 


Forever changed by the smallest humans and greatest life teachers.

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