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Travel Tips from Colugo’s Founders

Travel Tips from Colugo’s Founders

Travel with kids is always an adventure, but tips from parents who’ve been there can help you to feel more confident and remind you that even if things go awry, it’ll be worth it to explore the world with your little one. 

Christy and Ted, Colugo’s founders and parents of 4, recently took their 1-year-old daughter on a 36hr trip with 3 flights, including a red eye, for something fun coming soon from Colugo (stay tuned!). 

Read on for their tips on travel with a toddler.

For early morning or late night flights, put your baby in the Carrier to help them adjust to the change in routine. You can do both the inward facing and outward facing position in the Colugo Carrier. The inward facing position is perfect for when baby is sleepy and cuddly.


Keep your important travel documents in the OGO so you know they are in a safe place when your navigating airport security, cramped bathroom diaper changes and all the adventures of travel. Also, remember to pack lots of snacks! Christy and Ted’s go-tos were goldfish and lollipops to give their baby something to suck during take-off and landing (it did get a little sticky!). 



Let your little one run around the airport to burn some energy before the flight. Christy and Ted’s little one is just starting to toddle and she loved going up to everyone to say hello. It cheered everyone up and meant she slept on the plane (hooray!)



A travel stroller makes it easy to navigate between security and your gate quickly. When using the Compact you can store your Carrier in the Compact’s basket.


Wear your baby in the Carrier on the plane for hands-free naps. Baby gets to enjoy being snuggled up to you and you get your hands free to read a magazine, catch up on emails or look at photos of them on your phone. Christy also got her own nap in on the red eye.



Carry the Compact on the airplane with you to easily get to your seat and navigate the airport with ease. The Compact has a shoulder carry strap and also comes with a travel backpack. The travel backpack even has a luggage sleeve!



Pack the bag you are bringing on the airplane full of snacks, diapers, wipes, and an extra sets of clothes. We love packing a new book that they haven’t read before to entertain them. The diaper tote is the perfect travel bag because it is structured so you can easily grab a plethora of snacks one-handed while the bag is tucked at yor feet. Bonus: the OGO fits into The Diaper Tote so you can consolidate when you’re boarding your flight.



The most important tip when traveling with kids is to embrace things that will happen outside of your control. From delayed flights to mid-flight meltdowns, we’ve designed our Colugo products to help you feel confident taking on the adventure of parenthood. Just remember, you got this and we’ve got you!

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