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Week of 3.21.2022

Week of 3.21.2022


Did you celebrate Act Happy Day on Monday? Yeah, we missed the memo too. Although, we do all agree that we need to incorporate this initiative into every day. 

While the cold weather may be leaving us (🤞) we're finding that our hands are still in dire need of some moisture and love. This one by Dionis is a team favorite... and smells like summer, too. 

We’d never thought this much about pancakes, but tend to agree - "they may be bland, but they refuse to act like it." The kids on Team Colugo insist on adding sprinkles to their pancakes and we’ve stopped resisting. 

Remember when we mentioned all the teething babies on Team Colugo last month? Well, they're still teething and a few more have joined the party. Which got us chatting about Bannor Toys and their adorable, personalized, teething rings. 

And lastly, these vintage baby care instructions make us grateful that times have certainly changed!
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