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Week of 8.1.2022

Week of 8.1.2022

Anyone else have kids who turned into fish this summer? After a case of swimmer’s ear, we’re trying these and just ordered a pair of these that we’re heard they can put on themselves (fingers crossed!).

And, our go-to for keeping our kiddos’ hair healthy after all that chlorine.

We can’t fully endorse this because of all of the tiny pieces to pick up and because it’s hard to fill them to the optimal size, but we can say that it is guaranteed to make your kids beside themselves in excitement. So: worth trying once.

We want all the travel tips from this dad.

A belated Happy Birthday to Buddy and Mateo! We love partnering with Brie and Nikki for so many reasons, including what wonderful mamas they both are.

Did you see that we’re (finally) back in stock in our Bellas <3 Colugo Collection? Oh and did we mention there’s more to come? Stay tuned!

Sending love! 

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