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Community Spotlight: Kay Hughes

Community Spotlight: Kay Hughes

We're so excited to catch up with Kay Hughes, one of Colugo’s biggest fans who has used the Colugo Compact stroller with her son Kobe since he was 18-months old. Kay Hughes, is a digital creator, mom and educator who shares life hacks, products and activities on her Instagram and blog. Read on as she shares with us what inspired Kay to begin “Everyday With K. Hughes” and how she's come to appreciate her Compact stroller in new ways as her little one has grown.

Hi Kay! We’re so excited to chat. Can you start by sharing a bit about your background and what inspired you to start “Everyday With K. Hughes”?

Hi, all! I’m a wife, mom, former educator, and businesswoman living in the Carolina's. We welcomed our son during the first week of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

After 2 months in a global pandemic, I was concerned about what would happen  if my son ran out of diapers. There were all kinds of stories on the news about diaper shortages. While sitting on the floor in my son's nursery, the idea of cloth diapering popped into my head. And that's where the journey began. I went to YouTube to share my experience of having a child during a pandemic, cloth diapering, and breastfeeding. The responses and feedback I received from other moms, was just the confirmation I needed to continue to share my motherhood journey.

Being a new mom during such a challenging time in the nation, I began my brand "Everyday With K. Hughes" while we all were isolated from each other and I craved a community of moms and women alike to connect with. Out of this, was birthed a YouTube channel, blog, and online community. My gift to moms is sharing activities, products, and mom hacks for the millennial mom raising littles. I write blogs and make videos to inspire others, share information, and unleash some of my creativity. I pray my content blesses and inspires you! I am "Everyday With K. Hughes" across all social platforms. Let's connect mama!

How old was your little one when you first started using Colugo products? And how old are they now?
My son Kobe was 18-months when we first began using Colugo products and now he's two. We were looking for a stroller at the time after he had outgrown his infant stroller. The Colugo Compact Stroller was just what we were looking for. We are excited to continue using Colugo products, and try to baby carrier as we expand our family in the future.

Now that your little one is bigger, what feature is most important to you?
My most used feature right now is the full seat recline. I love how easy it is to recline and not wake my little one when moving him from the car to the stroller. It comes in handy for nap time on-the-go.

What are some adventures you have been on with your Colugo product since we last connected?
The Compact Stroller goes everywhere with us! The state fair, mountains, parks.  We are looking forward to taking it to the beach soon and on a family trip to Pennsylvania this Summer.

Any advice you would like to share with other parents?
Now that I’m a parent I see that time truly goes by really fast. Your children won’t remember everything, but you will. Take as many pictures and videos as you can with your little ones. It doesn't matter how you look, they only want the memories.

Thanks so much, Kay! We love being part of your adventures with Kobe.


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