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Week of 9/19

Week of 9/19

Anyone else back on the birthday party circuit after a 2+ year hiatus? For our 3-year-old’s parties, we have been pairing this book with a hand-made card and a few of these.

We’re also on the after-school-activities-during-dinnertime circuit for the first time, which means our family dinners are on pause. We’ve been having super simple “snack plates” for dinner, but now I think I should call them charcuterie boards.

In defense of Candy Corn. (I am Team Candy Corn, but arbitrarily draw the line at these, which makes my daughter happy because there are more for her).

Speaking of candy, Halloween is coming up! Stay tuned for some easy DIY ideas from Colugo, and in the meantime, Target has costumes starting at $15.


I wish I had a Princess Charlotte to keep me on track. Very impressed by these two at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

Our thoughts are with the people of Puerto Rico who are dealing with catastrophic flooding and power loss. Here’s how to help.
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