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Today We Tried with Alexis Kristiana

Today We Tried with Alexis Kristiana

This week on our podcast Today We Tried, Christy is joined by the incredible Alexis Kristiana, content creator and mom of 2. We’ve known Alexis since her older son Zion was just a baby and they lived in NYC. Now, Alexis is a mom of 2 and recently relocated to Texas.

Alexis and Christy cover all things 4th trimester, but Alexis’s advice on how to do “self-care on the go” and how to set-boundaries applies to all stages of parenthood. Alexis and her husband both work from home with no childcare help so you can definitely trust her advice on how to prioritize and get it all done.

They also chat about the transition from 1 to 2 kids and how Alexis’s son Zion reacted to his new sister. Like all older siblings, Alexis describes Zion as a “sour patch kid” - sometimes sour, sometimes sweet, but always doing his best to adjust to a whole new world. It’s so important to give older siblings time and space to get to know their little sibling and Alexis shares how she helped Zion through this big life change.

Alexis shares her tandem breastfeeding journey (which actually just recently ended; watch what happened here). Tandem breastfeeding is breastfeeding more than one baby at once. And, because people can’t help but comment on how other people feed their babies (why is that?), Alexis deals with internet trolls because she is willing to share her experience. Listen to hear how she ignores the negative chatter and finds the confidence to do what is best for her and her family. She also shares tips on how to successfully tandem breastfeed.

Listen to the episode here and share your thoughts with Christy by emailing her at!

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