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In Conversation with Alexis Kristiana

In Conversation with Alexis Kristiana

Love The Alexis Kristiana Compact (we do to!). Want to learn more about the woman behind the design? Read on to hear Alexis Kristiana’s favorite features of the Compact, why she’s excited for her upcoming move, and her advice to help new moms become more confident in their new identity.

What are the top 3 reasons you’d recommend the Compact to another parent?  

Number one is the compactability of it so smart and committed! Number two is the ease in set up and use and number three is the beautiful and sleek design options!

What adventures have you been on lately with your two little ones and the Compact? How did it help you feel more confident? 

We go to the park every single day, and I’ve ventured out with my son in the Compact and my daughter in the Baby Carrier, it helps me to feel more confident by knowing that they are both securely moving around with me in high-quality and beautiful items!

When you see The Alexis Kristiana Compact - what comes to mind? 

Sparkle! My life is all about shining and creating beautiful light for my family and for my online community! So the stroller definitely speaks to what I’m all about which is sparkle sparkle sparkle! 

How has city life molded you into the amazing mom you are today? 

Being a mom in a major city has allowed me to go away outside of my comfort zone more times than I can count. Especially being a new mom at the height of a global pandemic I definitely have learned so much in my motherhoodjourney along the way, and it has made me strong, resilient and not afraid to take on new challenges! It’s made me extremely savvy with maneuvering and getting around on my own especially. 

We heard you’re heading back to Texas! What are you most looking forward to with that move? 

We’re looking forward to being close to family again and to having that open space! 

Let’s talk confidence. We’re so inspired by your embrace of motherhood and your confidence. Were you always confident? 

Thank you so much! No I 100% was not always this confident. When I first became a mother I never felt more lost than I did in those first weeks. I struggled massively with my new identity and didn’t know who I was anymore. My clothes didn’t fit me, my mind set had change, anything that I was before I was no longer. I was truly reborn as a mother and that changes so many things for you one of 

What would you tell other women struggling with their confidence, especially after becoming a mom? 

I would say to new mothers to take time learning to get to know your new self, and your new role. Find power and strength and confidence in knowing that you created and gave birth to a human, you are forever one superhero and that should help you to see how amazing you are every single day. 

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself on the day your first babe was born? 

Give yourself Grace, you are learning every single day. 

Thank you so much, Alexis Kristiana! Shop the Alexis Kristiana Compact here!

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