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Behind The 5-Star Review

Behind The 5-Star Review

Our team always celebrates when we get a 5-star review. We also get curious: who is the person who took the time to share their Colugo experience? So, we decided to reach out and highlight some of our 5-Star Reviewers.

First up: Shannel Stewart! 

Shanell’s 5-Star Review of the Carrier:

“Best carrier on the market. They thought of everything when making this carrier! All the scenarios a parent may experience and all of the items a parent may need while carrying your baby. It has all been thought about. And it helps that the carrier is really cute to wear.” 

Q & A with Shanell!

Name: Shanell Stewart

City: Bronx, New York

Instagram: @_Theprettyyone

What is your favorite thing about the Carrier and why? My favorite thing about the carrier is that it is extremely convenient and realistic for a parent's needs on the go and very stylish (we also have the complete stroller in Olive!)

How did you find out about Colugo? I found out about Colugo through The Bella Twins on Instagram 

What is your #1 parenting tip? My top parenting tip is to enjoy every second and spend as much time with your baby as you please

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