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Today We Tried the Fourth Trimester: Episode 3

Today We Tried the Fourth Trimester: Episode 3

This week on the podcast, we’re talking about postpartum bodies - healing, accepting and challenging the ubiquitous and ridiculous concept of “bouncing back.” Usually, conversations about the 4th trimester focus on the baby, and we get it, they’re cute. But, we wanted to shift the focus to the importance of prioritizing the healing and wellbeing of the people who just gave birth.

As Christy talks about at the top of this episode, this episode is also about privilege. She documents encounters with doctors and midwives that left her feeling frustrated, but she was very protected at all times by multiple layers of privilege (she’s white, cis-gendered, partnered and thin). We’re looking forward to sharing diverse perspectives on postpartum healing and the specific and heightened risk faced by Black and brown birthing people in future episodes.

This episode covers a lot from Christy’s trip to the ER to body image and the power of affirmations. We even have a clip from the women behind Empower Your Pelvis, who will be guests on a future episode, to give an intro to pelvic floor therapy. 

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. Questions or feedback? Send them to Christy at
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