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Behind the 5-Star Review

Behind the 5-Star Review

Our team always celebrates when we get a 5-star review. We also get curious: who is the person who took the time to share their Colugo experience? So, we decided to reach out and highlight some of our 5-Star Reviewers.

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H’Vyn’s 5-Star Review of the Organizer:

Great for Mommies who Don’t Want to Carry a purse

The on-the-go organizer is the perfect size. There are enough pockets for my personal cards and for my daughter’s necessities, and the strap isn’t uncomfortable as I wear it as a Fanny pack. The olive green color is perfect so I can’t see it get dirty, and I love the design overall. Thought it would be too wide as a Fanny pack (I’m 5’0) but it’s perfect! 


Q & A with H’Vyn

Name: H’Vyn Jones

City: Milwaukee, WI

Instagram: @_trulyhvynleigh

What is your favorite thing about the Organizer and why? My favorite thing about the Organizer is that I can double it as a purse and diaper bag when I don’t feel like carrying the baby’s bag. The Organizer makes running errands A LOT easier!

How did you find out about Colugo? I found out about Colugo from a sponsored Ad on Instagram, and my sister gifted me with the leopard carrier. I’ve been hooked ever since!

What is your #1 parenting tip? My #1 parenting tip is to make time to care for and organize yourself, so you can give your kids the best version of you. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”


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