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Week of 2.14.22

Week of 2.14.22

Hope you had a love-filled Valentine’s Day! Considering these for next year as our flowers begin to wilt (still plenty of candy, though!).

There are lots of teething babies on Team Colugo right now. Some of us swear by these drops, others go with Tylenol, but we’re all getting lots of extra snuggles.

Recommended reading: What Black Working Moms Really Want in the Workplace 

This Sesame Street playlist is a great way to celebrate Black History Month with your kiddos (p.s. we’ve also been sharing ideas in our Confidence Boost Instagram Stories on Fridays).

Hot topic: Hula hooping of all things. We’ve heard a 5-minute hula hoop break is a great way to bring more joy and delight into your day. We’re trying it out and will keep you posted on whether it works! 

Wishing you lots of moments of joy this long weekend!

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